Artificial Intelligence: The Beginning of a New Era in Pharmacy Profession

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Dr. Vijay Mishra


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with the problem-solving by the aid of symbolic programming. It has greatly evolved into a science of problem-solving with huge applications in business, health care, and engineering. One of the pivotal applications of AI is the development of the expert system. With the advent of big data and AI, robots are now becoming more trustworthy for doctors, and a large number of institutions are now employing robots along with human supervision to carry out activities that were previously done by humans. The major advantage of AI is that it reduces the time that is needed for drug development and, in turn, it reduces the costs that are associated with drug development, enhances the returns on investment and may even cause a decrease in cost for the end user. A large number of researches are being carried out to improve the current available AI technology to make the pharmacy profession more efficient. The present article briefly describes the importance of AI in the process of drug development and then looks at the various AI tools that are available at the disposal of a modern-day pharmacist to aid in a more efficient functioning.


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