General Characteristics of Eyelid Skin Morphological Alterations in Aging

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Yutskovskaya Yana Alexandrovna


Aim of the Investigation: Nowadays, eyelid skin is found to be subject to the destructive alterations well before
than other facial areas. Skin restructuring changes, wherein lie visible signs of aging onset, are known to involve
all the elements - epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous deep tissues. Morphological skin condition estimation
in females of different age groups based on the set of signs. Materials and Methods: Eyelid skin alteration
comprehensive analysis has been conducted, taking into account patient’s age, phototype, and aging morphological
type. 60 females of three different photo- and morphotypes in three age groups have been examined: 20 females
were 25–44 aged; 20–45–59 aged, and 20–60–74 aged. To examine structural and biochemical alteration in the skin
tissues of the upper eyelid histological and immunohistological dyeing methods have been applied. The material
has been statistically processed with the software package program “statgraphics.†Results and Discussion: Skin
structural elements alterations in women are associated with the age, photo- and morphotype. Distinct skin
structures are affected by the different factors. Starting at the age of 45–59 destructive eyelid skin alterations are
dominating. Third skin phototype appeared to be the most sustainable toward aging. Each morphological aging
type is contributing to the skin element alterations.


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