Floating bioadhesive matrix tablets of ondansetron HCl: Optimization of hydrophilic polymer‑blends

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Jadupati Malakar
Amit Kumar Nayak


The work investigates the development and optimization of floating bioadhesive matrix tablets of ondansetron HCl for
gastroretentive delivery using 23 factorial design. The effects of xanthan gum, guar gum, carbopol 934 P as hydrophilic
polymer‑blends on drug release were analyzed. The optimized tablets were floated well in simulated gastric fluid (SGF)
(>8 h) with no lag‑time and also showed a good bioadhesion time (5.23 ± 0.25 min) on goat intestinal mucosa in SGF.
The in vitro drug release of these tablets showed sustained ondansetron HCl release over 8 h, which correlated well with
controlled‑release (zero order) pattern with super case‑II transport mechanism.
Key words: Bioadhesion, floatation, gastroretention, matrix tablets, ondansetron HCl, polymer‑blend


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Malakar, J., & Nayak, A. K. (2014). Floating bioadhesive matrix tablets of ondansetron HCl: Optimization of hydrophilic polymer‑blends. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 7(4). https://doi.org/10.22377/ajp.v7i4.341


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