Multi-Omics Approaches for Exploring Health Implications: A Review

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Nadeem Siddiqui


The concept of metabolic regulations deals with the varied and innumerable metabolic pathways that are present
in the human body. A combination of such metabolic reactions paves the way to the proper functioning of
different physiological and biological processes. Dealing with the adversities of a disease, the engineering of
novel metabolic pathways showcases the potential of metabolic engineering and its application in the therapeutic
treatment of diseases. A proper and deeper understanding of the metabolic functions in the human body can be
known from simulated yeast models. The current review gives a brief understanding of the interactions between
the molecular set of metabolomes and their complexity.


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Siddiqui, N. . (2023). Multi-Omics Approaches for Exploring Health Implications: A Review. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 17(04).