Niosomes: Best Approach for Novel Drug Delivery and Future Aspects

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R. Gandhimathi


When hydrated with synthetic non-ionic surfactants, niosomes-vesicles of non-ionic surfactants-are formed,
either with or without the inclusion of cholesterol or other lipids. Niosomes are effective and non-ionic for the
distribution of drugs; it is less harmful and increases the drug therapeutic index by limiting its impact to target cells.
Niosomes gain growing scientific attention in nanotechnology because they are exceptional in their versatility as
valuable drug delivery mechanisms for a range of therapeutic applications. Niosomes were prepared by various
methods like sonication, microfluidization, the handshaking approach, reverse-phase evaporation, and the ether
injection method. Two separate conditions, commonly 4±1° and 25±2°, are used for storing niosomes. Niosomes
have various applications in neoplasia, Leishmaniasis, peptide drug delivery, and immunological disorders.


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