Mouth Dissolving Delivery System: A Novel Approach for Angina

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Prerana Mishra


Aim: The study aims to see the sights of potential of mouth dissolving tablets for improving the oral delivery
of nicorandil by the use of superdisintegrants. Materials and Methods: Fast dissolving tablets of nicorandil
successfully prepared by direct compression techniques using various concentrations of sodium starch glycolate,
croscarmellose sodium, and crospovidone (CP) as superdisintegrants. The optimized batch of fast dissolving
tablets of nicorandil were characterized for hardness, friability, in vitro disintegration, dissolution, stability
studies. Results and Discussion: In comparison to marketed immediate-release formulation, the formulation (F9)
was found to be faster in drug release profile as well as short disintegration time. The formulation F9 were found
to be stable in 6 months stability studies in different packing. Conclusion: Nicorandil tablets containing CP as a
superdisintegrant show faster disintegration and dissolution rate.


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Mishra, P. (2016). Mouth Dissolving Delivery System: A Novel Approach for Angina. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 10(2).