Design and evaluation of self‑nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems for nebivolol hydrochloride

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Rahul Shankar Narkhede
Kishor N. Gujar
Vaishali Makarand Gambhire


Nebivolol hydrochloride (NEB) is third generation beta‑blocker, approved by the FDA to treat a hypertension. It’s a
racemic mixture of a d‑Nebivolol and l‑Nebivolol. Oral delivery of the NEB shows a lower bioavailability due to its poor
solubility and permeability. In present study, self nano emulsifying drug delivery is formulated to increase the bioavailability
of drug by increasing solubility and permeability through the gastro intestinal membrane. Excipients are selected on basis
of results obtained from solubility studies of drug in various surfactants and oils. Selected system of oil, surfactant and
co‑surfactant were screened for their miscibility and emulsification ability. The ternary phase diagram was constructed using
system Capmul MCM EP as oil, Tween‑60 as surfactant, Transcutol HP and PEG‑400 as co‑surfactant. Five compositions
were prepared from the self‑emulsifying area of the ternary diagram, loaded with NEB and then tested for robustness to
dilution, pH effect on globule size, mean globule size and polydispersity index (PDI), zeta potential, viscosity and drug
release for the selection of optimized formulation. Further, the effect of viscosity and pH on the globule size and PDI of
optimized SNEDDS was studied. In‑vitro drug release study was performed using dialysis bag method. Ex‑vivo drug release
studies were also carried out to determine the permeability of drug loaded SNEDDS through the stomach and intestinal
membrane. The optimum concentration of a system determined Capmul MCM EP 25%, Tween‑60 50%, Transcutol HP
12.5%, PEG‑400 12.5% with a globule size of 124.5 nm, cloud point at 770C and zeta potential of ‑5.123 mV. In‑vitro drug
release study and ex‑vivo permeation study showed significant increase in dissolution rate and permeability respectively, as
compared to the drug suspension and marketed preparation (NEBISTARâ„¢).
Key words: Dissolution, ex‑vivo drug release, nebivolol hydrochloride, self‑nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems, solubility studies


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Narkhede, R. S., Gujar, K. N., & Gambhire, V. M. (2014). Design and evaluation of self‑nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems for nebivolol hydrochloride. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 8(3).


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