A Kinetic and Synthetic Approach of Surfactants Accelerated by Vilsmeier- Haack Acetylation and Formylation with Anisole

Dr. S. M. Shakeel Iqubal


Introduction: Vilsmeier-Haack (VH) reactions are mostly too slow even at higher temperatures.
However, quick and easy transformation was observed in micellar media even at moderate temperatures.
Materials and Methods: Different types of surfactants (anionic – sodium dodecyl sulfate, cationic –
cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide, and non-ionic – T X-100) are used as micelle forming compounds.
Results and Discussion: Micellar-mediated reactions exhibited dramatic rate accelerations and
improvements in the yield of end products. The VH reactions pursued pseudo-first- and second-order
kinetics. Conclusion: This study with anisole is the first such report demonstrating a feasible, controllable,
non-toxic, and easy methodology for the synthesis of formylated and acetylated derivatives and a study of
their kinetic behavior.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22377/ajp.v15i3.4152


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