Assessment of compliance in cardiovascular patients in Nishter Hospital, Multan, Pakistan

Dr. Mirza Muhammad Faran Ashraf Baig


The objective was to find the factors involve that contributes toward the noncompliance in the patientswith cardio‐vascular diseases. This was descriptive in nature. Nishter Hospital, Multan. Patients admitted in the cardio ward of the hospital were interviewed during the period of June 6, to August 6, 2013. The information regarding the demographics, level of education, and trust on doctors, medication taking behavior and compliance were taken with the help of questionnaire. Statistical analysis was performed with the help of SPSS 17 (SPSS Inc. Released 2008. SPSS Statistics for Windows, Version 17.0. Chicago: SPSS Inc).Of 200 respondents 65.0%were compliant and 35% were noncompliant.

Key words: Compliance, literacy, noncompliance

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