Improved properties of lipstick formulation with engkabang fats

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Miss. Mat Husin Norazlin


Engkabang fats are known as an excellent cocoa butter equivalent. It is selected to be aimed as potential softening ingredient in waxy base of lipstick formulation that promotes moisturising protection for the lips. The formulation was prepared by mixing homogenously the base and colour intermediate at 70–80°C, moulded in casing, followed by cooling atâ€20°C. The optimum ratio of lipstick formulation containing engkabang fats and other waxes was (10:20) in percentage. The other ingredients used were oils (60%) and colour agent (10%).The physicoâ€chemical properties of formulations were determined including texture analysis, pH, melting point, colour intensity, stability and moisture content. From the results, engkabang fats exhibited a good softening and moisturising properties. Engkabang fats lipstick formulations showed better application on the lips compared lipstick without engkabang fats.

Key words: Engkabang fats, lipstick formulation, moisturizing, physicoâ€chemical properties, softening


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Norazlin, M. M. H. (2015). Improved properties of lipstick formulation with engkabang fats. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 9(2), 125–128.