Formulation and evaluation of matrix tablets of miglitol using different grades of HPMC

Prof. Narendra Yadav


Miglitol is a second‐generation ‐glycosidase inhibitor with a chemical structure of 1‐desoxynojiromycin. It acts as a
potent competitive inhibitor of the alfa glycosidase in the microvilli of the intestinal brush border. Miglitol has a short biological half‐life (2 h) and its bioavailability is >90%. Moreover, the site of absorption of miglitol is in the intestine.Therefore, the objective of the present work is to develop a sustained release matrix drug delivery systemfor the drug miglitol for the better management of the disease, to minimize side‐effects as well as to improve patient compliance using different grades of HPMC K‐4, HPMC K‐15 and HPMC K‐100 in different proportions and combinations by the direct compression technique.

Key words: Bioavailability, controlled release, direct compression technique, hydrophilic polymer, miglitol

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