Preparation and evaluation of dispersible tablets of Trikatu extract

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Dr. Munish Garg


Traditional Ayurvedic formulations are consumed increasingly as dietary supplements to fight or prevent various types
of diseases since ages. “Tlikatu†(Sanskrit, meaning “three acridâ€), is a mixture of black pepper (Piper nigrum); long pepper (Piper longum); and ginger (Zingiber ofticinale); widely used in Ayurvedic system of medicines to enhance bioavailability.
However being consumed in powder form, it is associated with certain limitations of large and uncalculated dose and uncertain
quality. To overcome this, the present study was carried out to develop standardized dispersible tablets of Trikatu extracts.
Three main ingredients were thus subjected for extraction, screened for phytochemical status using standard markers by
highâ€performance thinâ€layer chromatographyhighâ€performance thinâ€layer chromatography and mixed proportionately.
A method was then developed to formulate these extracts into dispersible tablets by direct compression method and evaluated for their physicoâ€chemical properties, which have demonstrated good flow properties with zero drugâ€excipient incompatibility, less disintegration time and other requirements within pharmacopoeial limits. This scientifically developed formulation intends to have advantages over the traditional form and thus be able to deliver better therapeutic results. 

Key words: Highâ€performance thinâ€layer chromatography, piperine, shogaol, standardisation, tablet,Trikatu


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