Preparation and evaluation of biodegradable microspheres of methotrexate

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S Jayaprakash
S Mohamed Halith
P U Mohamed Firthouse
K Kulaturanpillai
Abhijith Abhijith
M Nagarajan


The objective of the present study is to prepare sustained-release methotrexate microspheres of bovine serum albumin
in different ratios by the emulsion cross-linking method. The prepared microspheres were subjected to various
physicochemical evaluation and in vitro release studies. The drug release from microspheres of 1:6 ratio is the most constant
and prolonged drug release is diffusion followed by erosion. The characteristics of the prepared microspheres are conducive
to the formulation of the sustained release drug delivery system.


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Jayaprakash, S., Halith, S. M., Firthouse, P. U. M., Kulaturanpillai, K., Abhijith, A., & Nagarajan, M. (2014). Preparation and evaluation of biodegradable microspheres of methotrexate. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 3(1).


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