Acyclovir-loaded chitosan nanoparticles

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Viroj Wiwanitkit


I read the recent publication by Rajendran et al.
on acyclovir-loaded chitosan nanoparticles with a
great interest. It is concluded that “acyclovir-loaded
chitosan nanoparticle suspension appears to be
promising enough for effective management of
ocular viral infections.†I agree that the mentioned
nanoparticle can be an effective pharmaceutical
technique. However, whether this new preparation is
actually effective in actual clinical situation requires
further pharmacokinetic assessment and real clinical
trial. Finally, it should be noted that the improved
penetration of drug in such preparation is mainly
observed in high chitosan content form.


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Wiwanitkit, V. (2014). Acyclovir-loaded chitosan nanoparticles. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 5(2).


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