Novel HPLC analysis of cefadroxil in bulk formulation

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Ravi Shankar Shukla
S Pandey
Rajesh Bargale


A rapid, accurate, and sensitive method has been developed and validated for the quantitative determination of cefadroxil
(first generation) in bulk form. An Inertsil ODS, 4.60 × 250 mm2, 5 μm analytical column was used with an eluting
system consisting of a mixture of phosphate buffer (pH 6.5)-methanol 78-32% (v/v) at a flow-rate 1.5 ml/min. Detection
was performed by UV-Vis detector at 210 nm, resulting in limit of detection of 0.06 ppm for cefadroxil per 20-μl injection.
A linear relationship was observed up to 0.2 ppm for cefadroxil. Analysis time was less than 10 min. The statistical evaluation
of the method was examined by means of within-day repeatability (n = 6) and day-to-day precision (n = 7) and was found to be satisfactory with high accuracy and precision. The method may be applied for the determination of the cefadroxil in
bulk formulation in future.
Key words: Cefadroxil, cephalosporins, HPLC, phosphate buffer


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Shukla, R. S., Pandey, S., & Bargale, R. (2014). Novel HPLC analysis of cefadroxil in bulk formulation. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 2(2).


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