Formulation and optimization of SNEDDS of gliclazide using response surface methodology

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Vikrant P Wankhade
Sandeep C Atram
Nishan N Bobade
Srikant D Pande
Kiran K Tapar


The aim of the current study was to design an selfâ€nanoemulsified drug delivery system (SNEDDS) of gliclazide by optimizing the particle size using response surface methodology. SNEDDS were prepared using oils, surfactant and
coâ€surfactant. A Dâ€optimal design for 3 factors at 3â€level each was employed systematically optimize particle size.The particle size was taken as dependent variable. Oil such as Capryol 90, surfactant as Cremophor EL, coâ€surfactant as Akoline MCM were taken as independent variables. The counter plot and 3D plot were drawn and optimum formulation were selected by feasibility and grid searches. The polynomial mathematical model generated for response were found to beY = + 148.0778 + 8.1388*A − 0.2556*B − 0.2833*C − 0.2083*A*B − 0.25*A*C +0.0083*B*C +10.35A2 + 2.2 B2 + 2.95C2 and that found to be significant (P < 0.05). Validation of optimization study performed using confirmatory runs, indicated very high degree of prognostic ability of response surface methodology with mean percent error (± S.D.) 5.11.


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Wankhade, V. P., Atram, S. C., Bobade, N. N., Pande, S. D., & Tapar, K. K. (2014). Formulation and optimization of SNEDDS of gliclazide using response surface methodology. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 6(4).


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